Atomic Fury is New York's roaring lion of two-fisted cool. A combustible combination of classic and modern rock, this rollicking three-piece powerhouse garners attention for their undeniable performances on stage and on their self-produced records. Atomic Fury's music has been described as classic Van Halen meets Stone Temple Pilots, with hints of old-school R&B. Also known for making off the wall web-movies; Atomic Fury's short "Monsters of Rock", and the music video for their funk-rock romp, "Downtown" are just two examples of the band's sense of humor and refusal to sit still as entertainers. Atomic Fury has been accused of "having more than a little charisma and a lot of plain old show biz pizzazz." -Good Times Magazine

"... it's clear these guys can write good songs." - Metal Express Radio

“Unlike most young acts, these guys are capable of delivering hooks.” – Good Times Magazine

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