Stop, Drop, Rock Ďní Roll
Music & Lyrics by Atomic Fury

Stop, Drop, Rock Ďní Roll
When youíre on fire baby
Youíve gotta burn slow
Well I just might explode
If you donít let me know
That Iím your man for sure!

Low on gas, high on tunes
Floatiní down the road on fumes
Outta mind, outta sight
Outta town, gone tonight

Stop, Drop, Rock Ďní Roll
Take me home and turn the lights down low
Make sure you lock the door
Weíll take it nice and slow
Until you say no more

Turn me over, take the reigns
Donít be surprised when I do the same
Gonna scream my name
(They call me Hurricane)

Stop, Drop, Rock Ďní Roll
Donít get me busted when Iím on parole
For the love I stole
Get right on the phone
Tell you girlfriend to come on over.